Debussy La Mer First Movement ‘’De l’aube à midi sur la mer’

London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiev

Also available as Hybrid SACD LSO0692 - The fiery Russian conductor and French musical ‘impressionism’ do not sound like ideal partners…but this wonderful performance amply demonstrates just how dangerous such preconceptions can be. Click here for more information on this album.
Stravinsky 'Rite of Spring, FIREBIRD SUITE, Scherzo à la Russe and Tango No. 72'
Enjoy this superb high resolution DOWNLOAD of the the final movement of Stravinsky's FIREBIRD SUITE from our our Album of the Month. For more information on available formats visit the Channel site.
Dvorak Symphony No 9 ‘From the New World’
The First Movement of this wonderful performance and recording from René Laflamme’s FIDELIO label is offered here as a superb 176.4kHz 24 Bit download. It justifiably received two nominations in the Adisq Awards (Grammy’s for recordings), one for ‘Sound Engineer of the Year’ and the other for ‘Classical Orchestral Recording of the Year’. In the right system it sounds truly wonderful - and the music-making is exceptional too.
Michael Gees ImproviSatie - Challenge Classics CC72512
Gees uses Erik Satie’s piano works as his inspiration for a series of improvisations that cross the boundaries of traditional classical music in a way that is both compelling and elegant. This is where Satie might have ended up if he had gone further in both time and space with his music. Gees is a fluently intuitive improviser who encompasses both 20th and 21st century influences. One of our favourite recordings of recent years recorded in possibly the most beautiful hall we have ever seen. For more information visit