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WHERE: The AudioWorks in Cheadle Village
WHEN: 7.30 pm on April 30th 2014 
The AudioWorks in Cheadle is delighted to announce that, in collaboration with dCS, we will be hosting an evening of music and discussion with record producer Bert van der Wolf, the owner of Northstar Recordings in  the Netherlands. Bert will be coming to the UK to talk about how and why recordings are produced (from the producer's viewpoint) they way that they are.
Northstar Recordings is one of the most advanced recording facilities in the music business. A pioneer in his field, Bert van der Wolf is also a long-time collaborator with dCS and is at his happiest when pushing the boundaries of the recording engineer's art.
 A full dCS Vivaldi digital replay system will be on hand to demonstrate Bert's achievements.
Tickets are free and can be booked through the shop on 0161 428 7887 or by email. 

Papers, How-To & Insight


'Filtering' poses and answers three critical questions that audio engineers and designers have to address:

    1. why are filters needed?
   2. why aren't all filters born equal?
   3. what choices does an audio engineer have to make when designing filters?
..and, if you have even wondered what Aliasing is or why Nyquist Frequencies matter, look no further...!  

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Spirit of Turtle

North Star Recording founder - and recording engineer extraordinaire - Bert van der Wolf explains the history of ‘Spirit of Turtle’ and why he chose the tracks appearing on our current Album of the Month




A collection of the most innovative high-end recordings by NorthStar Recording


 Every now and then something really special happens to delight us music loving audiophiles and this 2 disc collection is most certainly one of those events...and a very major one. We have long been fans of Netherlands-based recording engineer (genius?) Bert van der Wolf (as witnessed by our interview with him in the early life of ONLY THE MUSIC) and this album features some of the very best of his recordings for his Turtle label over its 15 year life.

For your money you get two discs, one a HYBRID SACD and the other in Pure Audio BLURAY format, together with a delightful booklet telling you something of the history of Turtle Records and, penned by Bert himself, a brief but informative description of each of the tracks on the disc.
The 14 tracks on each disc are all excerpts chosen by Bert from his favourite recordings over the 15 years that he has been recording music for Turtle Records. They include his earliest recording for Turtle and one of his very latest. The genres range from superb classical recordings (Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruckner, etc) to wonderfully inventive jazz pieces. All are musically a total delight and represent 77 minutes of the most enjoyable music I have heard for many moons.
But the good news does not stop there for every one of these tracks is also a sonic miracle showcasing Bert's world class engineering expertise. These recordings define the oft-used expression 'demonstration quality' and, as a result, this set has instantly become my number one test album...and my top album for musical enjoyment as well. 
No wonder we accepted - without hesitation - the invitation to sponsor this set celebrating Turtle's 15th Anniversary (and Bert's 25th year in the recording industry!).
Absolutely gorgeous!! 
THE SPIRIT OF TURTLE set is available for €49.95 (Incl. VAT). Click here to purchase.